Horror Flips


Whats a Horror flip…

Horror Flips is a brand new series where we reimagine some of the most iconic Horror scenes are hand drawn flip books.

Along the way we’ll discover what keeps us coming back to this horror classics and these scene stick with us look after the credits roll.



a horrorshow





An award winning horror series brought to life in 2013 by writer and director Lee Patrick Robinson.

Itsy Bitsy (2014)

Itsy Bitsy (2014)

With every project A Horrorshow continues to grow in both scale and in ambition with the help of horror fans and talented collaborators.

The Witch Tree (2016)

The Witch Tree (2016)

Our mission is to create a continuous series of scary horror stories told across multiple platforms in a re-envisioned horror anthology series. 

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A Horrorshow is currently in pre production for it first feature film “The Shadow Diaries” and is also developing the A Horrorshow comic book anthology series, with the first issue due for a winter 2019 release.




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